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The GSC Capital Group is a privately owned multi-venture. Real estate Brokerage, Development, and Investment group. GSC Capital Group, develops, brokers and invests in diverse prosperous projects. Covering Early-Stage ventures within the hospitality, real estate, and entertainment industries.
We also offer services like project management , business consulting, growth and strategic development.
We were established in early 2022 we are a global entity that’s not only changing but disrupting the way business aught to be done. By being a personable firm that helps our clients obtain the financial freedom they deserve.
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United Arab Emirates
Location: Dubai investemnt park, Metro station, Falcon house, 2nd floor
  • +971 505 853 921
  • +971 589 292 273

United States of America
Location: 111 Lawrence street, Brooklyn, New York 11201
  • +1 305 317 2031
  • +1 412 403 3921